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Dem Fools - DEBUT EP is being mastered at the moment.

The band had played Electric Picnic in 2012, and since stomping on the decks of the Salty Dog, their ambition has grown exponentially.

Inspired by their hunger to record new tracks and share their musical groove, the guys embarked on a tour of Northern Italy where they made some incredible new friends in Ray Heffernan, a fantasitc young rock outfit from Arona called Rumor,  the beautiful and talented Sarah Stride, Mr. Bobcat (Italy's answer to Peter Tosh), A supremely talented vocal coach and mentor Sissi de Carlini, and of course, the eclectic and totally bonkers Sergio Quagliarella, a producer, drummer and all round legend.

There was an instant connection, and by November the band had flown Sergio to their hometown of Skerries to produce & record their debut EP, titled "YOU KNOW THIS" (release date TBC).

Watch the video below, for an EXCLUSIVE brand new track from the EP.

It's called "Something Wrong".  If you are a major label, you should get in touch. Interested Band Manager or promoter? Get in touch! If you'd like to help Dem Fools or be a part of our team, get in touch... We're available for festivals and big shows. We don't really do covers anymore, but can include some in the set as per a venues requirements...

For a limited time, you can listen to the EP on our soundcloud widget below...